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About Us

ATLAS Aquatics is comprised of a highly experienced team of aquatic system manufacturing professionals who approach system design with the retailer clearly in mind.  With a combined 49 years of system production history, our team has led the design and production of fixtures that have been installed in more than 3000 retail outlets throughout North America.    The team’s design and manufacturing skills were most recently recognized when the U.S. Small Business Administration, in conjunction with the Office of Louisiana Economic Development, selected the group as the “2009 Small Manufacturer of the Year.”

Our history began in 1987 under the company name ALTA Manufacturing, which was a spin-off venture from Ark-La-Tex Aquatics, Inc., a regional wholesale distributor of ornamental live fish, birds, small animals, reptiles, and pet supplies.   Building upon the hands-on knowledge of our team regarding the challenges of live fish display, maintenance and sales, ALTA Manufacturing was established to offer professional aquatic retailers labor savings on an aquaculture based aquarium display fixture.  Responsiveness to customer requests for additional fixture features and ongoing product evolution later allowed ALTA Manufacturing to be awarded several United States patents in recognition of the unique and valuable contributions of the company’s research and development efforts.

This success came to the attention of Marineland Aquarium Products founder and owner Bob Sherman, who purchased both companies and merged them into Marineland, creating a new operating unit known as Marineland Retailers Systems, or MaRS, which was introduced to the aquatic industry in 1996.  It was Mr. Sherman’s vision to combine the talents of both companies and bring a new and improved aquatic display system to the industry.  The team from ALTA worked at Marineland until the bankruptcy filing of United Pet Group (Marineland’s parent company) in 2009 forced a plant shutdown.

Recognizing the industry opportunity created by United Pet Group’s retreat, and competitive product offering weaknesses, our team created another new and improved company, ATLAS Aquatics.  Our mission is to create a value driven product line that incorporates numerous cost saving features, benefits, and labor saving options in a superior materials selection and design process.  Today we are able to offer our customers a high quality, simplified retail system that is easy to install, easy to maintain and doesn’t break the bank.

Ark-La-Tex Aquatics, Inc.

Ark-La-Tex Aquatics is our ornamental, high volume fish holding and distribution business.  Ark-La-Tex has been the basis of our understanding, our motivation, and a proving ground for highly labor efficient holding and display systems that deliver minimal fish losses.  Through Ark-La-Tex we understand the operational functions of aquaculture holding systems, commercial fish handling and industrial scale fish holding requirements and routines, as well as the necessary components and functions of a quality, visually attractive, retail display holding system that present ornamental fish appropriately and keeps them healthy, vibrant, and attractive, with minimal routine labor requirements or human interventions required.

After the 1996 Marineland purchase and operation of Ark-La-Tex Aquatics, and following the acquisition of Marineland by TA Associates, it was ultimately decided to divest the fish wholesale operation and concentrate on manufacturing.  We reacquired the company in 2000 and continue to operate it today.  Our wholesale fish are distributed through Arkansas, Louisiana, and the eastern portion of Texas.

Our operation, consisting of large scale fish receiving, holding, and distribution logistics uniquely qualifies us to understand and design aquatic holding and display systems.  As a result of our combined fish handling experience and large company aquatic fixture manufacturing history, we believe that we are the singly most experienced and best comprehensively qualified organization working in the commercial display category.

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Pentron® Safeline®

Low energy consumption lamps offer economical operation.

ATLAS Aquatics

Developed to support professional aquatic retailers.

Aluminum Structure

Welded aluminum frame for years of rust resistant operation.

Low Cost-to-Own

Our systems are easy on the wallet.

Easy Maintenance

User friendly
routine procedures.