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Welcome to the Retail System Revolution

When it comes to aquatic systems for retailers, you won’t find a more experienced or innovative team than the professionals at ATLAS Aquatics. With a combined 49 years of system production history, our team has led the design and production of fixtures that have been installed in more than 3,000 retail outlets throughout North America.

You also won’t find a team with more hands-on knowledge regarding the challenges of live fish display, maintenance and sales. (We know fish. Our team has also operated a successful wholesale/importation fish distribution company, Ark-La-Tex Aquatics, for 25 years.)

Operating a profitable retail store can be difficult at best, and we believe that our job is to make sure your aquatic systems don’t add to the mix of daily challenges. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative and user-friendly system designed just for professional aquatic retailers.

With our freshwater and marine systems you can expect low operational costs and purchase pricing not previously available. You’ll also find our systems to be the most durable and highly dependable units on the market with easy maintenance procedures that may be performed by any of your employees without specialized training.

The systems may be divided into sections and are also designed to meet a variety of needs.  Freshwater Chilled, Freshwater Heated and Marine Heated options are available.

Want to simplify your aquatic retailing? Call us today at (800) 264-2704 to place your order.

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Pentron® Safeline®

Low energy consumption lamps offer economical operation.

ATLAS Aquatics

Developed to support professional aquatic retailers.

Aluminum Structure

Welded aluminum frame for years of rust resistant operation.

Low Cost-to-Own

Our systems are easy on the wallet.

Easy Maintenance

User friendly
routine procedures.